Affiliate Program

We have an affiliate program that allows Twitch streamers, Youtubers, Gaming PC Builders, IT businesses, and more to make recurring revenue from referring people that turn into customers of ours. We will transfer $10/month to you for each referral that becomes a customer of ours. We will transfer $10/month for each referral for as long as they stay a customer of ours up to a period of 12 months ($120 total). The affiliate link does not change the price of internet plans for the person.




A person clicks your affiliate link.



The person decides to sign up with us.



This person will be considered as a 'referral' of yours.



We transfer $10/month to you for this individual referral.



Another person clicks your affiliate link and decides to sign up with us.



This will bring you to a total of 2 referrals and we will transfer $20/month to you.

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Affiliate Program

Affiliate material

Ozot Logo Ozot Link in Description

Affiliates are free to use our material. Affiliates are permitted to manipulate or transform our material. We recommend using the 'Ozot Link in Description' image in your OBS overlay. We recommend adding your affiliate link to the social links of your Twitch channel (Ozot). We recommend adding the 'Ozot Logo' image to your panel on your Twitch channel with your affiliate link.

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