Service Level Agreement


In this document, the following words have these meanings:

“Ozot”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” means Ozot (ABN 57 619 004 009).

“You”, “Your”, “Customer(s)”, or “User(s)” means a “Subscriber” to the Service(s).

“Sub-User(s)” means a User of the Subscribers local area network that isn’t the Subscriber.

“Service(s)”, “Subscription(s)” means any product(s) or service(s) the Customer has ordered for use.

“TaC” means Terms and Conditions.

“SLA” means Service Level Agreement.

“AUP” means Acceptable Use Policy.

“Agreement(s)” means “TaC”, “SLA”, “AUP”, and “Privacy Policy”.

“Website” means


Our Service Level Agreement is best effort.

We want our customers to have the best service possible, but understand unexpected technical issues can arise. We will do our best to resolve these issues as fast as possible. There are many variables that can impact a service. If issues arise in our equipment we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible. If issues arise it is up to us to deal with third parties try and resolve these issues as fast as possible.

Maintenance Procedures

We will do our best to announce any scheduled maintenance at least 24 hours ahead of time to customers through email. We reserve the right to perform emergency maintenance without any prior notification, should it be necessary to protect and maintain the security and integrity of our Service.


Scheduled Maintenance – Our systems will require periodic maintenance and upgrades that may or may not result in service being unavailable for certain periods.

Emergency Maintenance – Our systems may require periodic emergency maintenance and upgrades that may or may not result in service being unavailable for certain periods.

Outages caused by the actions beyond our control (including, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, war, terrorism, alien invasion, or “Weather System” (e.g. fire, tornado, flood, earthquake, lightning, tsunami, hurricane, monsoon), including but not limited to Scheduled Maintenance, Emergency Maintenance, or Service Downtime; distributed denial of service, denial of service, worms, trojan horses, viruses, buffer overflow, vulnerability attacks or other forms of intrusion are excluded from the uptime/downtime calculations, applications, equipment or facilities of a member or acts or omissions by a member;

Outages caused by software or faulty equipment beyond our control (including, without limitation, faulty vendor equipment, software, patches, updates). Outages caused by a third party’s network infrastructure being faulty or down for scheduled maintenance are beyond our control.

The Service uptime does not cover service downtime caused by problems related to:

(a) Customer’s local area network;

(b) Customer-provided end-user software;

(c) Anything inside the customer’s internal network, including, but not limited to, firewall configuration and bandwidth to the internet, local area workstations, servers, software, and configuration;

(d) Outages elsewhere on the Internet that hinder access to your service. We are not responsible for service issues arising from network infrastructure outside of our control.