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Win more games with the internet provider built for gaming 🏅 We provide the quickest ping to game servers worldwide (proven with Live Ping Data) 🌏 We prioritise game traffic so you don't experience ping spikes, lag, or packet loss 🎮 Remotely switch your internet connection to us to win more games today!

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Zero Lag 🌠

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100% Perth Owned & Operated 🌃

Quickest Ping to Game Servers Worldwide

Did you know the internet is made up of land and subsea fibre optic cables that span the world? We have chosen all of the quickest land and subsea cables to provide the quickest ping to game servers worldwide. Find out more

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The most important metrics for gaming

The most important metrics for the best gaming experience are ping (latency), jitter (lag), and packet loss. Ping is the amount of time it takes the game traffic from your computer to travel over terrestrial and subsea cables to the game server you are playing on and then for the game traffic to travel all the way back to you. The lower your ping the quicker your in-game actions will register with the game server. The worse your ping is the slower or heavier your in-game actions will feel. Jitter is the stability of your ping while playing a game. Packet loss is the amount of game traffic that has been lost in transit to or from the game server. Bad packet loss or jitter will cause lag, freezing, shuttering, teleporting, hits not registering, and more in-game.

Prioritises Game Traffic

Our internet prioritises sending game traffic over all other traffic to you. We do this by QoS prioritising game traffic over all other traffic on our Data Centre Routers so you don't experience ping spikes, jitter, or packet loss. Streaming video traffic isn't time-sensitive. This means prioritising game traffic over streaming video traffic won't impact Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, and more.

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DDoS Protection

We provide DDoS protection for your internet connection. Our DDoS Protection will detect and then block DDoS attacks against your internet connection. Find out more

The Ozot Advantage

In this video we compare the ping (latency), jitter (lag), and packet loss advantages of the Ozot network compared to other Internet Service Providers. While connected to the Telstra network we go into a game that shows ping, lag, and packet loss stats and then run a Steam download and see what happens to the stats. We then sign up to Ozot and have our internet connection remotely switched from Telstra to Ozot. While connected to the Ozot network we go into the same game and then run a Steam download and see what happens to the stats. Watch the video to see the advantages of the Ozot network for gaming.


Live Ping Data

Live Ping Data from our Data Centre to Game Servers Worldwide.

Australia (Sydney)


USA (Los Angeles)

USA (Chicago)

Japan (Tokyo)

Korea (Seoul)

France (Paris)

Germany (Frankfurt)

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

England (London)

Sweden (Stockholm)

Live Ping Data

Ping Test

Run a ping or traceroute to an IP address from our Router to verify we provide the quickest ping to game servers.

Ping Test


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I was previously with iiNet for many years, left that provider and joined Node1 hoping it would be better. Unfortunately I was wrong... within a few months I also discontinued my services with them as I was fed-up with the ping/latency issues. Both ISPs did not sort out the consistent lag and packet loss I would experience when gaming while the family was consuming bandwidth. There was always network spikes which was a major disadvantage in competitive gaming such as CS:GO or Valorant. The only way to prevent this was kicking the family off the network while gaming, which was very selfish and unfair...

A quick Google search for "Gaming internet", I stumbled upon Ozot. A Perth based internet provider catered specifically for "Gaming". Reading through the homepage you quickly realise they market themselves as "Quickest Ping & Prioritises Game Traffic etc..." Which was great as I previously tried setting up QoS, but failed because the settings weren't syncing properly due to the modem being bridged in AP mode. Thankfully Ozot rectified this and prioritises gaming traffic without needing anything to do on my end.

I had nothing to lose so I decided to give them a try.

Compared to my previous providers, the difference has been amazing!

All my ping and packet loss issues are finally fixed and non-existent.

The NBN 100/40 (Platinum) can easily handle large households. For perspective, my family has 6 people. We have multiple devices consuming high bandwidth throughout the day.

• 2x 4K TVs streaming HD content

• 4x Gaming PCs gaming simultaneously

• 3x 2K CCTV recording footage and uploading to the cloud

• Multiple mobile phones

• Multiple smart home devices

Beware... The plans they offer are slightly more expensive compared to other competitors. It's worth it if you want the best, you get what you pay for!

The aftercare service is 10/10. I had some technical queries regarding setting up custom DNS Adblocking. I sent Oliver an email at 10:30PM AWST, thinking I'd get a response the next business day. To my surprise he replied in a couple of minutes and guided me through it, which was really nice of him as it wasn't related to problems with the service.

All in all, awesome Perth based ISP provider, and superb customer care!

- Jack

Ozot ProductReview

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Customer service has been amazing with OZOT which is a major relief after all the issues I have had with Telstra. Gaming on Apex servers to Singapore ping is now between 50-60ms for me compared to 75-90ms with Telstra, no packet loss issues. I have the edge in connection over my mates! Ping to Sydney is 40-50ms again about 20ms better that Telstra was. I've been very happy with the service so far, no issues streaming movies etc.

- Athrun

Ozot ProductReview


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We are the only Internet Service Provider (ISP) that uses the quickest terrestrial and subsea cables, QoS prioritises game traffic, and provides DDoS Protection. The best gamers take any advantage and improvement they can get. Remove the variable of your ISP being the cause for a game loss! Increase your probability of winning games by remotely switching to us. If you or anyone in your house plays video games then you should be connected to our internet.

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