Make Australia's Leading Gaming Internet Provider Your Own

We allow people to resell our internet services to their customers. You will be able to resell layer 3 nbn*, Opticomm, LBNCo, and Velocity* internet services to your customers in Western Australia.

You own your customers

Wholesale rates

B2B Portal

Automated Provisioning*

Quick On-boarding

Low Risk

No Minimum Term Contracts

How does it work?

You are able to order internet services for your customers via our B2B portal. We will provision the internet service for your customer(s). You get charged wholesale prices for their internet service. You provide technical support for your customers (Able to esculate issues to us). You invoice/bill your customers.

Reseller Requirements

To be an Ozot reseller you will have to operate as a registered sole trader, company, partnership, or trust.

Who makes a good reseller?

- MSP businesses
- Residential/business IT support businesses
- Computer repair businesses
- Gaming computer building businesses
- Local computer stores
- Ambitious university students
- More

Reselling internet services can be a great value add to your existing customers and can be a great source of recurring revenue.

Your Responsibilities

Your Branding

Your Website*

Your Marketing

Your Customer(s) Technical Support

Your Customer(s) General Support

Your Customers(s) Invoicing/Billing

Government registration/regulation (TIO, etc)

Our Benefits

Our internet services provide the quickest ping to game servers worldwide 🌏 QoS prioritises game traffic 🎮 Provides DDoS Protection ⚔️

Wholesale Rates

nbn™ Wholesale Rates

Opticomm Wholesale Rates

LBNCo Wholesale Rates

Velocity Wholesale Rates

Layer 3 Internet Services

$100 once-off administration fee

Supports IPoE/PPPoE settings

Net 7 day billing

*Pricing Ex GST

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