DDoS Protection for Gaming

DDoS attacks are illegal, but this doesn't stop malicious people from doing them and they are pretty common in the gaming community. Malicious people should know that tracing the DDoS attack back to them as the perpetrator is possible. The source IP of the DDoS attacks are logged and government agencies have the power to determine the owners of the source IP and link it back to them.



Still this doesn't stop malicious people from conducting DDoS attacks. Either they are not aware that they can go to jail for this crime or they just don't care or think they will be caught.

With that being said and DDoS attacks being so rampant in the gaming community we decided to provide DDoS protection for our customers internet connection. Our DDoS protection will detect and then block DDoS attacks. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you aren't going to disconnect from your game the next time someone DDoS attacks you.

We now provide the quickest ping, prioritise game traffic, and DDoS protection. What more could you want as a gamer?

Remotely switch your internet connection to us in 5-20mins ⏱️ Your existing Home Router/Modem will automatically connect to our internet once the remote switch is completed 🎮