What is the cheapest internet plan in Australia?

Felix - Unlimited Data at speeds up to 20Mbps - $35/month (06-11-2022)

This article is written for the people struggling and to try provide some guidance to help them. It is not in our interest to write this article. This article will only be considering unlimited internet plans due to pre-paid ones being risky if you accidently go over them which can cost you more money than you were going to save. The fact is that the cheapest unlimited internet plan in Australia aren't provided over the nbn network. The cheapest internet plan in Australia is provided over a 4G network. Felix providers an unlimited internet plan for $35/month over the Vodafone 4G network. It has unlimited data at speeds up to 20Mbps in Australia. These speeds are enough to support your average users internet needs. If you get this Felix SIM and hotspot your phone you can connect your other devices to your phones hotspot and not need an nbn internet connection. You can essentially use your phones hotspot as a Home Router/Modem instead of an actual Home Router/Modem connected to the nbn network. Just connect your families laptop, computer, tv, consoles, phones and more to your phones hotspot for internet access.

If you are struggling really hard and can't afford the Felix plan then we recommend using Bunnings, McDonald's, KFC, Hungry Jack's, Kmart, and more Free Wifi's to access the internet.

Article written 06-11-2022