What download speed do I need for gaming?

You might be wondering what sort of download speeds you actually need. The true answer is that it depends, but we will try make some generalisations to come to a conclusion on what download speeds your average residential home actually needs.

To come to a conclusion we are going to need some download speed figures for the most common applications:

Youtube (720p) - 2.5Mbps

Youtube (1080p) - 5Mbps

Youtube (4K) - 20Mbps

Twitch (720p 60fps) - 3Mbps

Twitch (1080p 60fps) - 6Mbps

Youtube (4K) - 20Mbps

Netflix SD (720p) - 3Mbps

Netflix HD (1080p) - 5Mbps

Netflix 4K - 25Mbps

Zoom 1:1 720p - 1.2Mbps

Zoom 1:1 1080p - 3.8Mbps

Microsoft Teams 1:1 720p - 1.2Mbps

Microsoft Teams 1:1 1080p - 1.5Mbps

Microsoft Teams Group Call 1080p - 2Mbps

WoW - 0.071Mbps

LoL - 0.079Mbps

CS:GO - 0.418Mbps

Valorant - 0.177Mbps

Overwatch - 0.404Mbps

Dota 2 - 0.134Mbps

As you can see, video services are the most download hungry out of them all. So with these figures how do we figure out how much download speeds you actually need? Our advice is to get enough download to be able handle each person in the house using a 1080p service at the same time. If you have 4 people in your house then 20Mbps (x4 1080p (5Mbps)) should be enough. The chances of everyone using a 1080p (5Mbps) service at the same time is low. Did you know the average household is using on average 2Mbps throughout the whole day?